11 hubcaps

When I bought my T it was mentioned that the hubcaps for my Oct 11 were very specific. Can someone post a picture? I plan to attend a swap meet Sunday and I don’t know what I am looking for. Art

According to the MTFCA Encyclopedia, 1912 model year cars were the first to use the brass hubcaps with the Ford logo with a raised ring around the edge and a black background.

However, I wonder if such an early 1912 model year car would have used carried-over 1911 hubcaps, shown here from a picture in Royce’s 1911 article series.

Royce, can you shed any light on this?

The new “1912” style hubcaps came before the end of the 1911 model year, about mid summer 1911. They would have had a black background surrounding the Ford script originally. Here’s one:
12 hubcap.jpg

Thanks Royce!

Art, there’s your answer, look for hubcaps like the picture that Royce posted. :slight_smile:

Your best shot at finding some at the swap meet tomorrow will be at Forrest O’Keefe’s tent. :slight_smile:

Thanks, That is just what I needed. I will look for Forrest. Art

I didn’t find any hubcaps. I only saw one table with Model T parts. Most things were late model, performance stuff. I will try a WTB ad. Art

If you really need to know about 1911-12 hubcaps, contact Keith Townsend in Gresham, Oregon.