"1909" Model T Ford coming up for auction

Is there anyone who believes there is any part of this car that was made in 1909?

  • Yes it all looks authentic to me
  • No it looks completely made up, no 1909 parts at all

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Whatever year or years, it looks like FUN!

The car is nicely finished, and neat. What is also good is that they say that the parts are not 1909 parts, but there isn’t any what the rich guy’s call provenance. It’s an assembled car that should sell for about what a modern speedster would. It’s value should be based on the some of its parts plus the quality of the build. There is an 1909 roadster built by Mr Paulsen I shared. The car is all real except the sheet metal. It’s also been restored to the build sheet which thankfully survived. That car can be called a 1909!

It could live at my house without provenance!!! For sure!!!

It is a good looking, unique vehicle. They don’t claim it is original and the auction estimate of 15-25k reflects that. Someone will buy it and it may never see the light of day.