All Ohio Model T Jamboree 2017

Mr Warther made at least two working models of the steel mill where he worked from memory. The white parts are ivory.

This is only one of the dozens of trains that Mr Warther carved and assembled.

By the 1930’s Mr. Warther was famous around the country. He was convinced to take his trains on a tour around the country which made him a good sum of money.

Here’s a photo of the parking area and special locomotive and train that was at one of his exhibitions.

A model of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train, completely in ivory.

Out in the parking lot at Warthers there are a lot of fine Model T’s to look at. Model T’s were puttering in and out for hours.

Next stop on our tour was a very sad place, a small park adjacent to a cemetery in Gnadenhuten Ohio. A group of Gnadenhuten Indians was massacred here by mistake. Their mass grave is right next to the historical marker.

If I had known you were going to take a picture of me napping under my car Royce,I would have woke up and come over to say Hi! :laughing: