An unrestored (sort of) 1912 touring in Texas

Recently I got the opportunity to view a 1912 touring for sale. It was in the property of a family who had lost their parents years ago. They had to sell the car because the family was selling the deceased couple’s house, where the car was stored.

It is a very late 1912 touring. It still retains its original body, Rands unequal pane windshield, original 30 X 3 wheels on front with the correct hubs. The rear wheels are 30 X 3 1/2.

It has had a 1926 engine installed at some point. The rear axle is 1916 perhaps. The rest of the chassis appears to be correct for 1912, early frame, correct front axle and wishbone, correct brake lever and pedals.

The top is in shreds, but is all there. Upholstery has been replaced at some point but is actually good. There is a lot of wood work that has been improperly replaced.

Cowl lamps are late 1914 Brown #115. This car likely had black and brass lamps originally, with a single twist horn. Headlamps are E&J #66 of the proper type for 1912 but they have non - Ford bonnets.

The 1926 engine has the correct 1912 intake with a later NH carburetor.

The front wheels and hubs are correct for 1912, with teardrop shaped spokes and narrow lip where the hubcap screws on to the hub.

The car still has all its original sheet metal including correct 1912 running boards, fenders, and the aluminum hood all in restorable shape.

Pretty nice.

What are they asking for it?

She is asking $12K.

It’s a shame all that non original woodwork has been done to that car. I wonder if the original front doors are included?