C Cab w/aux. trans.


From the description:
“It has the standard 2 speed manual transmission plus a 2 speed auxiliary transmission and a 2 speed rear axle.
The Truck has been on many Model T driving tours where the driver was asked to drive slower, with all those gears you can out run the cars.”

This is a nice looking C Cab! With the drivetrain it has, it should run fast!
But will it stop? I don’t see auxiliary brakes. Rocky Mountain could be added.

The cab looks a bit crowded, not much room behind the wheel.

But overall it is a nice looking and drivable truck that one can tour in!

I have no connection to this truck. If it were on the East Coast I would be a bidder. $6,000 and reserve not met. If as described, this truck is a driver, one that you could truly enjoy. I expect the bidding to stop around $8,000, and worth every penny.

Auction ends tomorrow, the bid is $6,000. If I were in the market for a truck, or this was on the East Coast, I would be bidding. I find it sad that these vehicles are worth less whole than if parted out. If this truck is as described, it would make an excellent daily driver!

I apologize that it looks like I am pushing this truck, I have no connection to this truck or its owner, I just follow TT prices and like to recommend the ones that look to be a good deal.

4 hours left and the bid is $7200.00. Reserve not met. My guess on this one is that it will sell for $9,000 in the last minute, and that would be a good deal for the buyer!

Auction over! $8,311.00 and reserve not met. I thought this truck was worth a lot more, but the market place has spoken.