Chickasha 2018 - Fading Fast

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I’ve been going for about 20 years, and all I can say is it wasn’t worth the $400 airfare! Jakes, and Roys are still my favorite places to eat.

Another possible reason could be the aging hobbyist. I have never been, it would be a very long haul for me—probably a similar trip as Larry had to take as I’m on the opposite coast. I wish I could go—maybe sometime before the implosion of it happens, hopefully it won’t.

I also think alot of effort has been put into Luray. But being on the east coast, It may not attract the same vendors. But it seems to be gathering alot of steam in a short period of time.

I’ve never been there myself. I enjoyed the photos. Wish I could’ve gone,
I’ll have to settle for Bakersfield in April. Looking forward to the Pyrenees Café and trying the garlic fried chicken.

I’ve heard Luray is very good. However, they have less than 50 vendors, and even though I’d like to attend, it wouldn’t be worth it to me to fly from Los Angeles!

True, if you are only going to the meet. But, if you are a Civil War buff Virginia is the place to be! Or, Yorktown is good if you like the Revolutionary War. Or, the nation’s first permanent settlement is well documented in Jamestown. Monticello is a good destination for history buffs. Washington D.C. could take a month to see, just the Smithsonian could take that. So figure on the quaint Railroad Museum in the old station in Luray, plus the overly commercial caverns, and the car museum, then strike out for a few hours and see some of this countries history. Don’t just go to the meet, make it a vacation with the meet as part of it!

Jamestown was the first city in Virginia, but certainly not the first permanent settlement in the USA. Heck, Jamestown disappeared off the maps for a few centuries so “permanent” is another issue there.

Here’s one of many early Spanish settlements in the USA that predate Jamestown by quite a bit:

You are correct, I left out the “English”. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement.

Pics were great. Sounds like if it’s smaller every year I need to plan to go asap.

Thanks for the photos Royce.

As to the trend of diminishing swap meet vendors and attendees, I think the pendulum is going to swing the other way and we will see a resurgance in vendors and attendance.
The driving force - UPS and the like.
Ever rising shipping costs are making it too expensive to get parts online.
Shopping at swap meets shall rise again :slight_smile: