Closed Cab TT

This truck looks nice! No Warford or Ruxtelle, but most of the work is done. Bids on Ebay should show the true value of a really nice TT. My guess - $6,000.

Did I see that right? A September '29 replacement engine? Nice truck. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see that, but Ford made replacement engines up until WW2:

Good catch!

I’ve a June of 28 engine here. Seeing other late replacement engines is just pure fun! :slight_smile:

Engine date only matters to purists. To the rest of us, a T engine is a T engine.

Hah! I sure ain’t no purist!

“a T engine is a T engine” Well yeah but to me? Emm, not so much.
The late engines have the EE crank. For regular schmucks like me? That’s a pretty cool find.
It’s like a race car crankshaft in the engine! Duey himself rolls his eyes and groans. :slight_smile:

I have a 19 engine with 15 pedals in a pretty correct hogshead and then the Canadians piped up about possibly… That’s another story.

Thanks Tom!

Of course you are correct. I should have said having an engine that is correctly dated for the particular car only matters to purists. I appreciate purists for keeping things accurate, just that I am not one.

I find this to be a really pretty truck and I hope it goes for a lot, but I doubt it will be over 6,000. TT’s just don’t bring what cars do.

Beautiful truck. $4,200. Bid 'em up.
(I have no connection to this truck or its owner, I just think it is a nice one)

Up to $5,000 with seven hours left. If you want a truck you should look over the pictures of this one. The body and paint job would cost $5,000! Plus the correct bed, it has new tires, and runs! I suspect it would cost 10 - 12 grand to fix up a truck this nice.

I hope it goes for a good price, but TT’s just are not that popular, so I doubt it will fetch over $6,000.

$5200.00 and ended. Can a person tell if it sold or if the offer ended?