Cobb X Shinn Model T Post Cards

We explore the post cards of Cobb X Shinn here:

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Thanks for posting the article! I currently have 26 of the Cobb Shinn postcards but have seen several others that I don’t have in my collection. I had no idea there was actually closer to 50 of them!

I also have 30 of the Witt Model T cards. I think that might all of that series.

These are great! Being in my 30s I never even knew they existed! And they are so much fun, so clever and comical! Thank you for sharing, actually the this new forum has brought more joy and entertainment to me than any other.

Wow Brian that is a lot. I would love to see the ones that you have. Could you possibly post them here?

I’ll get them scanned and uploaded. It might take awhile for me to get to it but hopefully this weekend…