Coupelet at Christmas

Merry Christmas to our Model T friends! This water color print of a 1915 Coupelet was presented to me by Russ Herner of Bellevue, OH in 2018. The print was done by Larry Riemer in 1992 and commissioned by the late Hans Jens. A portion of the print was also on the cover of the Model T Times. Russ Furstnow

I like it!

If that doesn’t make you smile something must be wrong with you.

Russ I just read your article in the most recent MTFCI magazine and it left me with a couple questions.

  1. Which body makers supplied the coupelet bodies to Ford?
  2. Were there versions of the coupelet sold by other car manufacturers in a similar style? If yes, were those bodies coming from the same suppliers that sold bodies to Ford?

Great article. I couldn’t fault one word of it.

Hi Royce,
I’m not going to be of much help answering your questions, and I don’t want to put out information based upon a guess or assumption. At this time, I have no documentation as to which body suppliers provided coupelet bodies to Ford. As the 1915 coupelets are so few and far between, it becomes difficult to pinpoint specific information about this unique vehicle. I believe that the Ford coupelet body was constructed specifically for the Model T, and that other types/styles of this type of body “could” have been installed by outside suppliers, but I have not seen any documentation of this. I think it is extremely important to have proper documentation about a subject before making any claims (My comments regarding the color of the coupelet body in the “Model T Times” article emphasizes the point of documentation versus conjecture.)
Russ Furstnow

I totally agree with that. Too many bad “facts” have been written in the past that are now seen as regrettable.

Today I had some extra time and did some internet searching for similar bodies in other car makes. The closest thing I found were 1915 and 1916 Maxwell and Chalmers. In the Maxwell the body style was called “Cabriolet” while Chalmers offered a similar body called the “Coupelet” on its Light Six chassis.

Maxwell and Chalmers had merged by this time so it is not surprising they would have similar styling. The Maxwell seems close in size to the Model T.

Russ: Are those Christmas cards available? It would be nice to have a stack of them for Christmas next year!

Hi Larry,
The painting is 24"X20" and hangs in our great room. It would make an excellent Christmas card, but folding it would be a bummer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !