Electrically challenged. Help

For aesthetics on my Speedster I’m using a KW coil box switch without an Amp meter.
But for other reasons I’m using a later electrical wiring loom which is designed for the usual ignition switch, Amp meter, and light switch.
So, being the electrically challenged klutz that I am, I wonder if you could give me some advice as to how I go about by-passing the meter and wire straight to the switch, please?
Below you’ll see what I’m worried about…hooking up both the yellow Battery lead and the yellow/black Generator lead to the one terminal (A).
Is that OK? OR should I splice the wires as shown in the drawing (B)?
Of course, if its all wrong, please tell me and advise me the right way to wire it up. No need to be gentle either.
It is a distributor car with no coils or magneto. The lights are no problem as I’ve bought a 3 way toggle switch for them which will be hidden inside the coil box.
Thanks & Cheers,

You have two variations of the same thing. An ammeter is not needed. It would work that way.

Thanks Royce.
Its all sorted now, save for my embarrassment.
I can hold my own with most things, but anything electrical…boy!
Thanks again & Cheers,