Help identify these dash brackets

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Any help would be appreciated

Look like Rands windshield brackets. If you have dimensions I could compare them to known Model T brackets that I have. They would have been brass plated originally. Far superior to the solid brass reproductions that have been made for the past 50 - 60 years.

The brackets measure 4 1/2 inches long
The width of the bracket on the top mounting hole from the outside side of the hole to the other side is 0.95 in

The height of the bracket is 0.48 in

That’s a size that could have been used on a Model T. Rands sold windshields in different heights and styles. Filler boards were available in various sizes with brackets to match. What is reproduced today is only one size of the many that were originally offered.

Remember, Ford didn’t sell Model T’s with a standard windshield until 1911. Even then we see varying heights of windshields and filler boards as different styles of Rands were made standard and then replaced by other standard sizes.