Holley G priming question

In April I finished a frame up restoration of a 15 runabout. Everything was rebuilt, including the coils and Holley G carburetor. The car runs and drives great, including starting on the magneto only. I don’t have a starter, but do have a 6V “hotshot” type battery to tickle the coils if I start on the battery setting.

While normally pretty easy to start, a couple of nights ago it took me forever to get it started. I suspect that I flooded it, because I choked it for two pulls prior to try starting it. I was wondering if any of you with more experience with using a Holley G would share how much, if any you prime it prior to starting and if that varies with how cold or warm it is. When warm I can start it with one or two 1/4 turns on mag with the timing set at 3-4 notches and the throttle at about 7 notches. The mixture is out close to 1 turn. Similarly warm and with the timing fully retarded and on battery, I can get a free start almost every time. Last night I was doing that and was going back and forth between one pull starting on mag and then getting free starts on battery. Our 21 touring has a NH and I get a reasonable amount of free starts, but not like this!

Anyway, any words of wisdom on how much to prime a G when “cold” would be appreciated.



Neal I find that it is easy to flood a Model T with a Holley G. When it is warm you should not need the choke as a rule.