Identify this car

This was taken in West Liberty, Ohio. I don’t have the date. I think I know what it is. Any guesses?

I do not know the make, but that hood and radiator have all the style of a bread box.

could be a great smith made in kan??? charley

1906 Winton 35HP. This ad shows the smaller 20HP but you can see the 35 in this link:
1905 winton.jpg

I’m sure Auto Inn is correct. When I was researching this picture, I thought it might be a St. Louis type 16 at first, but looking closer it’s not even close. The front frame horns and springs are a definite match to the Winton. Here is the 1906 St. Louis, which I had never heard of. The hood and springs are obviously different. According to the ad, the St. Louis sold for $2,500 and does not mention a top or wind screen. I don’t see how it could compete with a Ford K.