Is this your Ford?

In 1914 the City Council of the City of Minneapolis, through its Purchasing Agent, put out to bid two Fords, a Reo, and an Overland. The Fords were identified as 131923 used by the Outside Wire Inspector, and 127767 used by the Health Inspector. Ford 127767 was sold to D. R. Wagner Company for $225.00 the other Ford 131923 was not sold as the bids were to low.

That is fun information. What’s the source? The serial numbers look like late 1912 model year cars.

Whilst searching a follow up to the question on the Fahnestock purchase of a 1914 car, I came across a reference to the sale of the Fords in a set of published City Council of the City of Minneapolis minutes.

How were Fords sold pre-1920? Did one order a car from a dealer, and wait for delivery? Or were they purchased off the show room?

Well, any number of ways including what you have mentioned. A dealer could order a car or cars for stock. Or an individual could order one through a dealer, or through a hardware store, or livery stable, or directly from Ford. Savvy dealers ordered cars in monthly allotments far in advance, because demand far outstripped production for nearly the entire time Model T’s were being built.