Lang’s Old Car Parts at Chickasha Pre War Swap Meet.

Don Lang and I will be at our usual spot at Chickasha Swap Meet Spaces NH 8- 10 on the West side of the North building.
Lang’s Old Car Parts will have pre-ordered Model T parts orders available for pick up. Call Lang’s now and arrange for your order to be ready for pick up at Chickasha.
I will be looking to buy used and rebuildable Model T ignition coils outright for myself and Lang’s Old Car Parts. We are always looking for good used coil cores. Bring your stashes of used coils you would like to sell to for cash to our swap space and let’s make a deal that is mutually beneficial for us both.
I will also be accepting Model T Ford ignition coils for rebuilding and they will be return to you free of shipping charges soon after the Swap Meet.
Don Lang and Ron Patterson

Any pizza this year???