MTFCA Hacked And Down

Yesterday afternoon at 12:20 my Norton security software sent up a intrusion attempt red flag for the MTFCA web site when I tried to log on. It listed it as (Web Attach: Fake Tech Support Domains 2)

It would be great if someone could post here when the problem is resolved and the site comes back on line.

Its still down.
Malwarebytes blocks the connection saying that its sending out a Trojan.

Thanks for the report Ron!

Are others still having trouble logging into and reading the MTFCA Forum, or is it just me?

No its not just you Ron.
My Malwarebytes Anti Virus still insists that the site is transmitting a Trojan.
Apart from a few hours 3 days ago, when I could get on, its been like it for about a week now.

Still getting the warning abut a Trojan on April 2, 2019. Is there any information on when this will be fixed or resolved? Do I need to reset something on my PC?