nah float

Cleaning up a couple NH one has a float that’s around 3/16 taller than the other,is one wrong?also will it damage them if I sand blast with course black beauty media?I have all passages open

Sandblast carburetors not floats

Randall those floats are fragile. I would clean them in carburetor cleaner. Bead blasting might remove enough solder to cause a leak. The various heights should not matter.

I didn’t make myself clear,not goint to blast floats,but will the course media damage the idle ports

I use Evaporust to remove corrosion from iron and steel carburetor parts. It is less messy and leaves the surface looking original.

I don’t know about using coarse media like that, it might cause surfaces that are difficult to seal with gaskets. Carb cleaner like Berryman’s Chem Dip works too, but you would need to have one batch devoted to cast iron and another for brass parts to keep it usable longer. Of the two, Evaporust is cheaper and easier to dispose of legally.