New UK RHD Manchester 1921 Tourer

Hi all

After many months of reading Forums I have purchased an immaculate Tourer that is as shiny underneath as on top. I wanted a ‘Trailer Queen’ to do shows having had some prizes with Motorbikes and cars in the past. I was pleased to get 2nd Best in Show for my first local visit. An immaculate 1949 Dodge Pickup was 1st. I could not compete with chrome engine dress and varnished pickup bed. We had intended to drive Millie to local shows, but have found the traffic is very unkind to us and, to be honest, she is a bit of a handfull.

Despite being newly rebuilt I have found many assemble bits not to my liking and have ‘adjusted’ and painted small bits. I had an intermittent charging problem and the generator was a little noisey and I found that the mechanical assembly was poor despite all new bits. The insulators had been pop riveted and the pressure broke them both and the drive gear was loose. A second hand generator gave me all the bits and now with the original 12v regulator she charges well (not too high) I used the technical info from this Forum. Removing the inlet manifold was no problem and now the only noise is the transmition wirring.

Glad you got it fixed. Let’s see some pictures?