Radiator repair Question

Does anyone have an interior picture of the upper tank of a radiator for a '27 Touring? A side cut away view would be most helpful.

I have a 4 year old Brassworks radiator that has failed and according to the vendor the warranty is only good for one year. When I open the cap and looked inside I can see a large baffle or large tin plate that has come loose and is lying over the circulating tubes blocking the flow. I was thinking of attempting to unsolder the top tank and reattach the baffle if I knew how it is positioned inside the tank. This is the second problem with this tank. The first issue I had (3 years ago) was the overflow tube leaked where it came thru the bottom of the tank and I cleaned the area surrounding the tube and resealed it with metal mender. I don’t know of any good radiator shops in my area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


not sure if you can do it on yours but on our model a the baffle came loose and blocked the tubes I hooked a piece of copper wire on baffle then hooked it in over flow pipe it keeps the tubes open and has been working fine

I had the same issue on my 30 coupe radiator that was $800 after only a year and four months of driving. I ended up pulling it and taking it to a radiator shop and the took it apart fixed it and it’s good as new. I might not of but I put a couple thousand miles on it every summer.