Repairing a New Day Timer for your Model T

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I recently had to repair a New Day timer of one of my cars. I would like to offer a couple of notes. First of all the pin in the brush is always at the top of it’s travel. It’s the brush that wears, not the pin. Next, the brush holder is steel, and is copper plated. I would like to see a vendor offer a replacement brush, made correctly with the recess for the spring, and also the hole drilled properly for the pin. A good reproduction spring would also be nice, as they are mushroomed at the bottom to fit into the dimple on the brush holder. Even a new pin would be nice! Perhaps all this could be offered in a kit?

I agree Larry. The spring might be harder than it appears. It is not a constant rate, it is progressively stiffer the more it is compressed. The material is also critical regarding the brush. If it was graphite for example it would cause wear on the timer.

Very good article as per usual Cheers