Ride on

Yesterday afternoon I was driving my TT limo down a seldom used dirt road and came upon a mother with two daughters, probably 2 and 4. I offered them a ride and off we went for a 30 minute drive down seldom used roads in my 24 TT set up as a limo. I love giving rides!

Then, this morning at 1:00 a.m. at Walmart a husband and wife with 7 year-old-daughter took me up on my offer and we took a ten minute ride around the Walmart - Home Depot, etc parking lot. That 7-year-old was my kind of girl! While I talked with her parents she kept arranging and re-arranging the pillows and cushions in the back for different configurations. Then she said, " it is a little chilly, maybe you could get a blanket with old cars on it?" I like the way she thinks. I also like the people I meet in my TT.

Then this afternoon I was in a store when this sweet-young-thing came in and I saw she had a picture of my speedster on her phone which she had taken on the way in. I asked if she would like to take a ride in that car? “That’s yours? I would love to ride in it!” Off we went. This girl had an amazing personality and curiosity about a Model T, yes there is hope for the younger generation, and it lies with the gregarious.

I have given more rides than I remember over the last few months since I got my vehicles on the road, but not this many in such a short period of time. These is a lot to enjoy about T’s, but to me giving rides to strangers is the best!