some weekend progress

Assembled rear axle, and mocked up car and pushed out in the daylight for the first time! What a good feeling!

Looking good, keep up the work and you’ll be driving down the road before you know it.

Happy motoring,


Love the gas tank! Keep up the good work. :smiley:

The tank is homemade. I had extra aluminum sheet and decided that I wanted a tank that was 10-11 gallons but would be lower than a stock tank. The body will be built around it. It will be very much like an 1909 runabout body but lower and the seat will be moved back. I have the long flat top speedster fenders. That hood is the longer torpedo hood. The rear fenders I have are 1913 style depot hack fenders. Not really a speedster I guess, but a slightly lower and hopefully longer appearing brass model t runabout. It has reversed eye springs front and rear.

A real accomplishment! That car will mean a lot to you, because you designed and BUILT it!

Should I ever get my truck to a point I am truly satisfied with it,
I am tempted to build up an underslung type speedster. Photos
like these from your project are inspiring.