Spurious part or aftermarket

Hello all

What am I? Spurious part or aftermarket

Paint colour in brighter sunlight is dark blue

Pictured part found on a Model T wheel with thin oval spokes

I’m far from an expert, but it looks like a speedometer drive gear.

Hi Maybe I should have asked is what make of speedo gear and is it Ford issued.

Count the teeth. All Ford speedometer wheel gears are 8 pitch. The one you posted doesn’t look like anything Ford ever used to me.

I found this, it looks to be the same gear. I don’t know if it was used on a T or not. I found an NOS Stewart pinion gear to replace my repop gear and found this while verifying the part number.

Hi Does look similar I took a look at the site you found that in and to me this one looks closer
Screenshot (82).png