Texas T Party 2019 Brenham, TX

The Space City Model T Ford Club once again is hosting the annual Texas T Party. This year the event is based in Brenham, Texas. Brenham is the county seat of Washington County, Texas. Washington on the Brazos (a rather long name for a town) was the original capitol of the Republic of Texas in 1836. WotB is a few miles outside Brenham.

Our day began with the customary driver’s meeting hosted in the hotel port de cache. Dave Lucas pointed out some railroad tracks to beware of, while several of us compared tour dogs on the fringes of the group.
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Our first day’s drive first took us on some beautiful back roads to Bellville, TX. The land for the city was donated by Thomas Bell and his brother who were among the earliest Texas colonists who joined Stephen F Austin in the early 1830’s when Texas was still owned by Mexico. The city is the county seat of Austin County.

We spent some time lurking in the antique shops ringing the town square. Perhaps the most interesting thing in Bellville is the jail, erected in 1896. It looks like a miniature castle at first. As you get closer you see the bars in all of the upstairs windows. The jail was the scene of some really nasty executions by hanging, and while it was interesting to read about I am glad we were not there during those events.
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proceeded along some lovely Texas back roads to the tiny town of Kenney, Texas. Kenney has almost disappeared since the railroad station closed years ago, but one thing keeps it alive - The Kenney Store. The Kenney Store is an old time Texas honky tonk with live country music acts (sometimes all the way from Nashville Tennessee) on weekend nights. The place has tables for a couple hundred, a stage, and a dance floor with real sawdust on it.

During the week the Kenney Store is a fantastic place to get a meal. From Chicken Fried Steak to fried chicken, it has Texas style food that can’t be beat. Today they were swamped with customers driving funny old cars. We drove back to Brenham with full tummies.

Everyone should have a crenelated parapet ! :tada:

Our table back by the “ROOT BEER” sign inside Kenney Store.
In the 90’s that day and the AC felt great.
Fantastic hamburger and home made French Fries for me! :smiley:
Don’t let that front door fool ya. That was a good one!