TT Texas Deal!

Look at the pictures! Warford, Hasslers, solid bed! This guy ran into some hard luck with a hurricane, but this TT is perfect for someone with a little time to fix it up. Unlike a modern car, 4’ of salt water is not the kiss of death for an old truck like this. Wash it off, clean the parts, oil it up, and fire it up. Basically all anyone would do if they bought any TT and wanted to get it on the road, you have to check everything anyway. And it is priced to sell.

I am a long way from Texas or I might buy it. But I already have a TT that needs a lot of work and I do not have the time. I have no association with this truck or seller, but I sure recommend anyone looking for a TT to take a serious look at this one!

Yeah, that is a great price for that truck. If a person moved fast enough,
they might be able to get to some of the water issues before they required
major work.