What Year is this Car ?

Is there enough detail in this photo to make a solid call on the model year ?


How about these ?

Those appear to be 1914 Model T’s. The lower photo appears to be taken at Rifle, Colorado. The current train station at Rifle is a more modern structure.

Here is a similar photo of 1913 T’s in Minnesota.

OK so year and locality have been established.

Next question is: Are the cars coming from the Detroit Plant of H. Ford to a dealer? Or are the cars being shipped from a Branch Plant to a dealer for final assembly and sales? Or are these cars what H. Ford is sending to a Branch Plant for final assembly?

As always, asking for a friend.

The railroad station is for the Colorado Midland, which is about 100
years gone now. The only RR in Rifle today is the old Denver & Rio
Grand, as part of their “Western” extension. In 1997, the Union Pacific
took control of all D&RG assets and the line is now operated by the UP.

Since these are 1914s, it’s fitting to note that the Colorado Midland RR ceased operations in this area on August 9, 1918.