Whole trans moves back and forth

Before I pull the transmission, any idea what could cause this much lateral movement? This is moving the clutch pedal from neutral to high [YouTube]https://youtu.be/A9wi3YusRvk[/YouTube]

'18 with a 23 engine

A lot of things can cause movement like that. Most likely the engine thrust surface on the main bearing is worn out. In any case the only option is to disassemble the engine / transmission to repair it.

I would start by removing the engine lower inspection cover. Then repeat what you are doing in the video while someone looks up at the crankshaft / rear main bearing area. I suspect that you will see that the babbitt needs to be replaced in the block.

One other possible repair is the accessory repair brass shim offered by Langs. It will need to be lubricated constantly but may be acceptable if you don’t mind squirting it with oil every time you go for a drive.


The crank move with it. Looks like a rebuild, sigh. I’ll check the mag coils tonight.

That’s typical. The bronze shim will let you use it if you don’t mind oil slinging around everywhere. Otherwise a rebuild is in order.

Hogs head off. Vids of what I found. The magnito is fine, no scrapes, so it was only moving backwards. Thoughts?



Looks clean and nice. Doesn’t change anything.

Well, sure I realize that. I’m wondering about the loose drums and gears. I’ll pull the transmission off tonight and post some more pics. This is my first time digging into a t engine. Not completely sure what to look for.

You are likely correct that there are going to be other issues found when the engine is opened up. You are doing what I would do. Go in, fix what’s broken, then know that it should last a long time afterwards.