11/12 timer

This timer came with my Oct 11 Touring. I bought the felt seal and timer shield from Langs. Is this felt and shield used with this timer and if so what is the sequence of the parts. I do not see any type of seal around the camshaft at all. Art
TIMER 6.jpeg
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With the early timers there should be a steel flat washer behind the timer roller. The steel washer acts as the timer shield would in a later Model T timer. The felt goes inside the timer between the steel washer and the back of the timer. Be sure to soak the felt in grease and squeeze it / work it / knead it so that it is not abrasive to the steel washer or to the inside of the timer. The grease also acts as a seal to prevent oil from leaking.

Thank you Royce, I don’t see how there is room inside the timer for the felt seal and a thin washer. The hole for the pin gets covered by the roller. Art

The washer is very thin, I believe it is .036" steel. The felt seal is also specific to the early cars and very thin. You may have to make one of each.

Got it, but no seal between the back of the timer and the the timing gear cover? Art

Is this illustration helpful? Found on another forum. :slight_smile:


True, they did and do leak oil between the timer and the cover but no room for two seals and the one you need is behind the roller. I think you are right, the washer ought to go behind the roller assembly.

That helps but looks like the washer is behind the felt against the back of the timer and then the felt and roller. I would have thought it should be timer, felt,washer then roller. Still no seal between the timer and timing gear cover? Seems like that would leak oil between timer and engine timing gear cover. Thanks, Art

Thanks for the help. I will be working on it tomorrow. Art