1908 overheating

Hey guys! New here and have a issue with a 1908 S. Fully restored but as soon as it drives for more then 15 min the overheating starts. Any ideas?https://www.dropbox.com/s/ege0lky984uk83n/Photo%2003-09-2019%2C%2012%2007%2043.jpg?dl=0

Is it actually overheating? What are the symptoms / temperature?

Nice pictures and a nice car!

Pate’s Early Ford Encyclopedia mentions that early Fords had an issue with the “T” in the water inlet pipe that was supposed to split the coolant flow between the two cylinder castings. With just a simple “T”, the pumped coolant tends to bypass the front cylinder casting and flow straight to the rear casting. You may be able to confirm that this is the problem by the use of an infrared heat sensing camera.

If the camera indeed shows that the front cylinders are running much hotter than the rear cylinders, check into some kind of partial divertor or restrictor that forces more of the coolant to the front cylinders. It might take some trial and error to get the right amount of diversion so that the cooling on the front and rear cylinders is fairly even.

Contact Rob Heyen, he has a nice Model N and may have implemented a solution on his car. :slight_smile: