1910 axle housings

My Brother has taken 3 1910 axle housings from the farm to sell they are 6 rivet clam shell housings but the backing plate on the brake shoe side is flat, The only picture i have found in one of Dads old books shows 3 styles the flat backing plate being used on the first 2500 cars. Is this correct Thanks Colin

This photo is of an unrestored typical 1910 touring. It is from the article posted today on the main page. This is the same as every 1910 axle housing that I have ever seen, including the one on my 1910 touring.

The 6 rivet clam shell housings in 1911 model year are in fact the same as 1910. They also have flat backing plates. I will find a photo for you. I missed the “clam shell” part of your description. I think “clam shell” is more appropriate for the 1912 12 rivet housings.

Bottom photo is the 1910 - 1911 six rivet housing on an unrestored car that belonged to Alan Woolf. Top and center photos show the 12 rivet 1912 “clamshell” axle housing.

The 1910 housings are not clam shell design but they do have six rivets holding the inner wheel bearing support inside the rear end assembly.

Note that the backing plates are flat, and they remain so until late 1917.

The part that is perfectly flat is the backing plate you see when you take the wheel off , I did take pics I,m trying to find them Thanks Colin

Yes, that is typical of 1909 - 1911 rear axles. Yours are 1910 - 11. That design started at about serial number 15,000 perhaps January of 1910.

The 1912 “12 rivet clamshell” rear axle is a much sturdier design, with forged steel center section riveted to the drawn steel clam shell section axle tubes.

Thank you that is what I wanted to know , That diff was in our 12 until 2010 I rebuilt the diff and a local member gave us the correct late 1912 diff housings 12 rivet with the cast centre .