1910 T buyer

Hi all, a new model T person here, have absolutely no knowledge. I’m looking at a 1910 T, don’t yet no serial number or any other details, wondering what I should be looking for as far as mitigating details that help say 1910. What headlight script? rear end, carb, coil box etc. Any help gretaly appreciated.



The 1910 Model T’s are easy to quantify because Ford has the original build sheets for nearly every car built during that Model year. You just need the serial number and a credit card. Call the Henry Ford Museum. Ask to be connected to the Benson Ford Reading room docent. They will discuss options for supplying the documentation for your prospective car.

For general information on 1910 Model T Ford’s this website has extensive information in four installments. Here is the first one: https://modeltfordfix.com/the-1909-1910-model-t-ford-part-1/

Thanks am finding really useful articles, everything helps. I’m seeing this car Saturday so will report back.

What does a ‘5 ball’ kingston carb mean, the 5 ball part, not the carb:)??

If you look at a photo of a 5 ball Kingston you will see 5 hexagonal plugs on top of the main body of the carburetor. Below each of these plugs, if you had X ray vision, you would see a ball. As the engine demand grows for air with increasing throttle opening, the balls lift up under the pressure of air entering below them. The balls in effect reveal as much air to the carburetor as needed. If engine demand is low, ie the throttle is closed, then the balls drop back in place over their holes, which makes the carburetor more responsive since the inlet passage over the fuel jet opening becomes smaller, which increases velocity above the fuel jet.

It functions very well provided all the parts are free to move as intended and in good condition.

Thanks for the great answer, very clear and concise. I can now speak and sound like I know what I’m talking about. Charlie

Take lots of pictures of the car when you see it and post them here. You’ll get a real idea of what you are looking at from the comments.