1912 T Touring Body Mfg?

Pictured is my '12 I just purchased this week. How can I tell which company made the body? I do not have any firewall tag and cannot find any stampings on the metal or wood.

Hi, Jeff, what do you know of your car’s past history ? Is it possible body frame members that would carry an imprint have been replaced in a prior restoration ? I presume you have looked for a number in the usual places ? My '13 roadster carries a number stamped on the seat frame above the kick panel. The floorboards are stamped “FBCO” which would seem to indicate Fisher Body, but they are a mis-match with the body itself.

Unable to uncover any further history prior to the person I purchased this car from. I checked all known places for any #'s or stampings, no luck. Just throwing this out therefor opinion.

Jeff check on the lip about left of the center of the front seat under the button cushion. You can also look the bottom of the rear doors and sometimes you can find the body numbers there, Generally saying they are on both doors. Just looking at the style you have a Wilson body and your are missing the front doors. In addition yours looks like a May through Sept slab side body. Most likely June through Sept. Based on the 12 rivet rear axle introduced in late 12 and running through 14 plus you have the rear doors with the knob handle on the inside only. I have a 12 with the wilson body bu have the wrong doors for it. It is a very early Sept of 12 touting. I’m trying to find the doors through adds to see if I can trade the ones I have for ones like you will need also. Best John Tannehill

I think Wilson. It is an uncommon body style, very late 1912 model year. My dad had one like that. His car was restored by Frank Kelly of Minneapolis, MN. It was later owned by Dwight Madsen, who sold it to Dad in the 1990’s. A neat car, not restored too authentically though:

Interestingly enough, another similar bodied car is in Minneapolis. This car was owned by Casper Ness since the mid 1950’s and has most of its original wood intact. It is now owned by his son Rich Ness. Perhaps you guys need to find each other and compare notes?

Thanks for the pictures and info, I will follow up.