1913 Speedster

My version of a 13 speedster with some period go fast accessories

Wow, that looks like a neat job! What kind of headlights are those? The cleaning guy seems to be doing a great job on them!

Thanks ,that head lamps are from a AL automobile made in France 1907.l purchased them off e bay and they came from Quebec Canada maybe hence why the French connection.I have tried to find more info on AL cars but no luck.I wanted aluminum lamps to go with the fenders and windshield .the clean up kid has a real toolbox/tools that are the envy of many grown ups no Fisher price tools for this grandkid,oh and he locks and hides the key so nobody can borrow anything,that picture was taken when he was 18months old he is now 5 years old know and becoming one of the guys posts.cheers

That is a neat looking speedster! How fast does it go?

Once and only once 62mph clocked with my sons gps phone mph app

Yeeeee haaa, 62 will do!