1914 Rubes horn set up

I’ve got a Rubes horn but am missing everything else. I was about to order a reproduction set up but I think it is different from the original in several ways. The bracket that holds the bulb looks different and it looks like the part that attaches to the horn is different.
It seems like I read somewhere you have to unsolder and then resolder the threaded part to the horn itself which I don’t want to do because I already have my horn painted. I’d rather find an original but was looking for a little insight if I have to go with new parts. Original is always better.

RV Anderson sells the proper parts for this. PM me if you need his contact information. This is an original Ford factory photo, used under my license. Photo property of the Benson Ford.

The guidelines say you must see the joint on the steering wheel. I don’t see one!

I’ve looked at that photo so many times. It is invaluable to anyone restoring a '13 or '14 Ford. What has always puzzled me is the placement of the horn bracket on the dummy door. From the dozens of old photos I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to have been any exact way. I’ve even seen photos of the bulb straight up and down!