1915 Cut-down touring

Hello. I’m a newly minted Model T man, being the new caretaker of this January 1915 cut down touring with Sept. 5, 1922 engine. Everything but the engine and accessories seems to be correct for 1915 and relatively untouched. Dad and I are going through the car and hope to have it running 100% mechanically within the year. Cosmetically, I’m adding a wooden bed and leaving the rest be and will use it for fun.

For those old guys who lament an aging hobby, I’m a family guy in his mid-30s… and come from a model T family. My younger brother has had a 1922 model since he was 12 (20+ years ago) and my dad just got a 1916 back on the road.

Looks like it will be a fun car. Looking forward to watching your progress with it.

Nice! Do you have fenders and splash shields that match the patina of the body?

Thank you both.

I sure do have all the sheet metal… it’s all original paint in black. Should look interesting with the hand painted old green body!