1915 Firewall & hood former questions

My 1915 runabout is one of those “modern” 1915’s put together about fifty years ago. A lot of it is correct, but the firewall is modern plywood. Said firewall is in poor condition, with some of the bolt holes broken through, so I’m replacing it. This is not a show car, so the new firewall will also be plywood.

I’m told the firewall brackets on this car actually are 1909-1911. Is that right?

When I removed the hood former I found that the hole for the hood rod was a piece of brass tubing embedded in a glob of JB Weld or the like. Is it supposed to be part of the hood former? A separate part attached to the firewall? Is there a picture showing it?

Steve the firewall brackets might be correct for 1915 - the difference is in the dimensions. The earlier ones are shorter. I bet yours are the real ones for 1914 - 1916. The earlier ones are not long enough to pick up the lower hole on the steering column.

The hood former shouldn’t have a bracket like that. It’s just a hole in the sheet metal hood former. Nothing else.

Those brackets appear to be made for countersunk screws.