1915 Model T Runabout Side Curtains

I decided to add side curtains to my 1915 Model T Runabout. After contacting Mike at Classtique and getting the process started by obtaining his patterns, I realized that there are no fasteners for the side curtains on the car side. Whoever replaced the top did a custom top without adding the side curtain fasteners. In addition, whoever restored the car before I got it did not install any side curtain fasteners on the car. All said, I have some pictures of the fasteners that should be on the top, but no clue how the side curtains attach to the windshield or other places on the car body. Anyone have pictures of their side curtain installation for 1915 runabout? Pic to my car top attached.


I’ve a '23 runabout with clips screwed into the windshield mounts and dash. on both sides. They match grommets in the side curtains. Kindly refer to attached pix.

Thank you for the picture. This will be helpful if the 1915 attached the same way.