1915 Runabout

On Third Street

Nice photo Steve. I thought that you had white tires?

NICE CAR! and nice accessories, I really like the accordion type rail to hold things on the running board.

Dr. J, what photo management program do you use for the sepia tone photos ? I have one called Thumz and for the most part it suits my wants and needs just fine. I sepia-tone a lot of the pictures I take of friends and/or their T’s and they seem to get a kick out of them.

I copied and pasted your photo and the one of our '25 T coupe I submitted a while back side by side for comparison. Your program is superior at least in the sepia application. Your program gives the modern photo a period look (the composition of the photo is excellent, too) that my program cannot duplicate.

I like the soft earthy tones sepia imparts; keep them coming.

Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

Tom, it’s the Adjust Color tool that’s an iMac feature. There’s also an Adjust Size feature that’s much better than what you get in Paint.

Royce, the picture was made before I had the white tires. They have not done well, and I’ll be going back to black.

A couple more shots of the runabout.

A fall shot.