1915 runabout

I recently brought home a 1915 runabout that had been inside for many years and am starting to go through the process of getting it ready to run.
The engine is serial 830658 which I think makes it a mid year car. It has electric headlights and kerosene side and tail lights. Aluminum transmission cover and a Hall Scott two speed rear end. It has rear auxiliary brakes but they are not AC or Rocky Mountain. The 3 dip pan has an aluminum spacer which I think means a model A crankshaft? I removed the radiator which I think is original and flushed a lot of fine grain orange stuff. I would like to post some pictures but need to know the maximum size allowed.

I am going to try and post some pictures.
Well that didn’t work so I will wait for guidance from the web master.
My email address is jeltoncox@gmail.com


Welcome aboard!
First of all, congratulations on the 1915.
I’m computer challenged but I’ll take a stab at it since I post photos here.
I know it is not the only way but let’s see if we can get to see a picture of your runabout!!

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Ken in Texas

Thanks ken.
Lets try again.


Well now I think that its going to work.
I posted a picture of the crankshaft area. Maybe someone can tell me which crankshaft I have?
I will post more pictures and questions tomorrow.
Thanks again Ken

Here are some more pictures.
I went out this morning and looked at the casting on the rear brakes and they were made by Hetzel Brothers.
I think that the radiator is original ford?
I am not sure what to do with the wood firewall? Should I coat it with linseed oil?
the fenders and steel hood are probably after market. the right fender has the attachment bracket bolted on
instead of being riveted. The left fender doesn’t have a bracket which I have ordered from Snyders.
The hood doesn’t have the hold down clips so it is probably after market.
The coil box looks like it has the original wood so I have ordered a Fun Projects rebuild kit.
I think that the carburetor is a Kingston L2.

A few more pictures.

The firewall on these cars needs to be painted black, just like the body. Linseed oil is great indoors, not too good when exposed to under hood heat.

The carb is an L2.

Neat car!

Your radiator is an original Ford, but was made later in the era. Note the size of the front trim compared to a real 1915. Doesn’t hurt a thing though.
Have fun!

Interesting set of fork mounted headlights on your car.

Is there anything stamped on the headlights that identify them?


Hi Ken
I looked at them today and the brass rim has ford stamped on them.
I didn’t find anything on the buckets.

A couple of pictures of the head light.

Great condition. Usually, there will be the manufacturer’s name stamped around the flat area where the focus screw is located next to the bulb socket. When I’ve seen the electric lamps discussed, that is the location. Could be hard to see or maybe just not there. How are the reflectors?

You have a full set of kerosene lamps on your car and they will be stamped on their tops.

Any dash photos? Really neat car you have!


I took the front fenders off today. They were just held on with C clamps. I will have to determin where the holes should be.
Would the edge of the fender be flush with the inner edge of the frame? I also need to fit the wood sills which assume go on top of the fender edge?
The new sills that came with the car have the holes predrilled which should be a help. The plates on the front under edge of the three fenders
That have them are held on with bolts instead of rivets? Is this common? The bolt heads look like rivet heads. They be carriage bolts. I will check tomorrow. I looked at the area near the adjusting screws on the lights and don’t see anything
Here are a few more pictures

Yes the fenders come just flush with the inner edge of the frame.

The fenders would have originally been secured to the fender brackets with rivets.

Your firewall has an engine dash shield from a later Model T. The correct part for a '15 is just a flat piece of steel. You can see it in this photo. The floor boards are original too, you can see how the floor board and dash shield are notched around the engine, leaving it somewhat exposed.