1915 Speedometer and Light Switch Location on the Firewall

I just got a speedometer setup for my 1915 Canadian T. Looking at the install instructions and my firewall, it appears my light switch is mounted in the wrong location. It is mounted down where the speedometer cable needs to come through the floorboard. I is mount low on the firewall and it appears the previous owner(s) had to notch out the upper floor board just to get to the switch to actuate it. I think the light switch should be mounted left of the coil box and below the carb adjustment rod. Is that correct? Was there a difference on a Canadian T? I am thinking I need to put it in the right place so it won’t be behind the speedometer cable. Thoughts?

Thanks, David

Canadian T’s tend to be just like American T’s in most respects. The difference is the Canadian T’s were sometimes made with RH drive so everything would be reversed on the firewall. In any case here’s a photo of an all original American '15 T. There were two styles of headlight switch used. One is pull for OFF. one is pull for ON. There were 5 suppliers of speedometers and speedometers were standard on every 1915 T.

David, Here is a photo of where you sghould mount your speedometer. I hope this helps, Russ Furstnow

Thanks for the pictures, that really helps. I am going to relocate the light switch to the right place and then i can install the speedometer.