1917 engine and transmission

Over a year ago a buddy told me he had a '17 in excellent original shape he would sell me. He also told me it had a starter and was 12 volt, so I know it did not meet my definition of original. About a month later I got a good deal on a '17 engine which needed rebuilding. I bought it planning to take the '17 my buddy was going to sell me original. He has lots of excuses, and I still have not seen his '17, and I doubt I ever will. So I now have a '17 engine block and transmission that needs rebuilding for sale.

I have enclosed a few pictures, I also have the 3 dip pan and hogshead. The pistons are iron, one has been removed. The connecting rods and crank are included. No carb or intake manifold, no exhaust manifold, no generator. No pedals or transmission bands.

I doubt anyone here wants it in which case I will disassemble and Ebay it, but if you are interested message me on this forum, I will send good pictures and descriptions of what is included. $300 and you pick up here in Chesterfield County Va. Or, you pay shipping + $25 for me to palletize it and I will take it to Fastenal. They should ship it for around $150.

If there is no interest here by mid-February I will disassemble and Ebay it.