1919 Roadster top bow measurements

I have a 1919 Roadster truck that I am trying to put a top on. I have the irons but I need the measurements and dimensions for the wood bows. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mark

The top “irons” are what you attach the top assembly to. In the case of your 1919 runabout there are two top irons, one on each side of the car. With upholstery installed there is only a few inches visible with a black knob screwed on the end to secure the top assembly to the top iron.

I suspect that you have a set of top sockets and need overall dimensions in order to fit the bows to the sockets. Please see the drawing.

Sorry I miss spoke earlier I have the sockets and need the measurements for the wood that goes between the two.

The dimensions in the drawing are what you need. The sockets came from various suppliers, some are different from others. The important thing is the overall finished dimensions of the assembled top bow set.

Be careful as you cut the wood to size. The wood needs to fit well in the sockets. There are rivets going through the sockets that secure the nesting pins and cups to the sockets. Those rivets will be the limit for the wood to extend into the socket.