1923 Model T Body Section for sale

For sale and pick-up only in Santa Clarita, CA (35-mi N. of Los Angeles near I-5) is the following:

Front half of a '23 4-dr. Touring with both front doors, hinges, and latches (frozen by rust). The sub frame is mostly solid, the sheet metal on the doors and sides are not the best, but possibly repairable.

In trying to add photos and more text, “submit” was hit, resulting in no photos and no price. Price is $50 and if not sold, will be given to the scrap metal junkies. Phone (661) 644-7242. Will try to add the photos, but if it fails again, then this is all the description I can give. Dave

Am finding that photos reduced too much will not load, so size was increased to over 200 Kbs. Here are four photos of my '23 body that is for sale in Santa Clarita, CA
$50 and haul it away. (661) 644-7242
Dave H.

What you have there Dave I believe is a Canadian Model T touring body. It may be earlier than '23, I am not an expert on Canadian stuff so I can’t say exactly what year it may be.

Interesting to hear that photos can be too small. The forum software automatically resizes larger photos down to the proper size. I had no idea there was a lower limit.

To me it looks like a C Cab.
I could also be very wrong.