1924 T Body swap Question, help please.

I recently inherited a frame and engine for a T that the 10.7 million range serial number says is a late 1924 model. Given that there is no body and I have fallen in love with the 1926-1927 roadster pickup look, my question is, would that body be able to easily fit onto that frame without serious modification, and if so, how do I go about tracking one or at least the parts to build one down? I am only 21 and am just getting into the hobby. thanks!

You may get an answer here. I am not at all familiar with the 26-27
car changes to answer your question, but the folks at Antique Auto
Ranch can answer this down to the most minute detail. Give Tom a
call Tuesday or Wednesday: 509 . 535 . 7789.

I don’t think you would encounter any problems. The rear cross member frame horns on pre-1926 frame are shorter, but that probably wouldn’t matter if you’re going to put a pickup bed back there anyway.

Ford did offer a roadster pickup in 1925 that used the pre-26 frame, so you could go that route. Some folks back in the day used to cut the back off of a touring body, then mount a home-made or aftermarket wood pickup bed.

Here are some pictures of Betsy, my January 1924 cut-off touring car that was converted to a pickup back in the 1950’s. The previous owner had it restored in 2008 and I bought it from him in 2013.

If you are very tall or long legged as I am then you might find that 1926 - 27 Model T’s are too small. I have trouble driving them comfortably. For sure if you think you are interested in that body style, sit in one and see how you fit before spending a lot of time on one.

Personally I like the 1925 roadster pickup better. Here’s pictures of one my dad owned when I was little.

I’m with Royce on this one. 1926-7 models were not made for tall people. I have a '25 like the one Royce pictured, and it’s way more comfortable to drive. I’m 6"3". If you are going to make any changes, now is the time to do it.