1925 T

My father-in-law was working on this truck when he passed away 2 years ago. He had it running, but it has been setting in the shop since. It turns over and has good compression, but will not fire. I have too many projects going on to give it the attention that it needs. It needs to find a new home where it can be finished and enjoyed. All I know about the truck is what he told me. I will be happy to share that info. with anyone interested.
You can call me any time at (979) 732-4517 The truck is located between Columbus Tex. and Sealy Tex. Ask for Mike or leave a message.
Am asking $5500.00 OBO


A price and a location will help sell your truck. A phone number would not hurt either.

Sorry about not having more information. I have added that.

This pick-up sold