1926 Fordor restoration...

The owner of this '26 Fordor just sent me some pictures of the car before it was dismantled. Not a bad looking original but almost every piece of wood on it had termite damage. The wood had its original appearance but was nothing less than powder inside.

So after a bit of work this ole Fordor is ready to be fitted to the rebuilt chassis and begin its break-in period. This piece of American history will be on the road again very shortly.

Looking good, nice color for the old girl.

What were all those extra switches on the dash for?

I also see a round dome lamp. Would that have been original?

Nice work, can’t wait to see the finished car.

We have a feeling the switches were for work lights. This was a farm vehicle in the past. Unless it was for parades and all lit up?
The dome light is original, all three Fordors I’ve restored had the same dome light. The switch is located on the C pillar on the passenger side. The wires run up the pillar thru the top bows and down the A pillar. This makes for a fun time avoiding putting the screws and interior nails into the wires as its being put back together.


Wow looking really nice.

Well my part is just about over. This has been a fun project. The car goes to Denny Newman in Clio after I finish up some detailing. Kinda wana keep it~

Wow! Don you keep getting better every time you finish one of these. Maybe you should branch out and try a different body style every now and again? I think you have nailed the Fordor restorations.

That’s one beautiful car. Nicely done.

Thanks Royce it means something coming from you. My friend Denny Newman gave me some great advice on painting that I used on this car and it paid off. The owner and his wife came and saw it today for the first time. They both were amazed at the restoration considering what they had gave me to work with. But truthfully I’m more concerned about how it sits and how the doors operate and fitting of the entire car. It can get kind of spooky when you have your teeth marks on every piece of wood.