1926 Roadster and Touring question - measurement request.

I have a '26 Runabout and a Touring. Both are slowly undergoing restorations by me. According to our suppliers, there are two different lengths for the pivot stud that holds the top irons but they don’t state any dimensions. Looking at Lang’s 46156X online it appears that I may have four of these and should have two different length ones for the other car. The ones I have measure 1.5 inches to the top iron when installed on the body.

Can anyone confirm to me that the distance from the body metal to the shoulder where the top iron mounts is on a Runabout? Is the dimension greater equal to, or less than 1.5 inches?

Tom Miller

Lang’s contacted me with an answer. The 26-7 Runabout uses the shorter 1" standoff and the four 1.5" ones I have are for the touring body.