1926 TT Flatbed

Beater without a heater …

Well maintained, unrestored 1926 (built January 1926) flatbed with factory
box cab and flatbed. Wanted one of these since I was a little kid. Used to play
on a near-identical truck in a neighbor’s barn. Took 50 years and a chopper crash
in AFG to make me realize I better get around to some things before time runs out.
Found this great truck and spent the last few years tweaking it into a reliable long
distance hauler. I use this truck all the time (except in winter) for lumber and
materials hauling, logging and firewood, … what it was meant to be used for.


Very nice.I definitely like it. Cheers

Thanks, Eve. It is a cute truck and puts a lot of smiles on the
faces of people who see it. That is my favorite part of owning
this thing. We will be cutting up a large pine tree that came down
on a local church on Monday and I will use this truck to haul off
the wood. It is along a busy street and I am looking forward to
all the passersby that will always stop to take a photo or ask questions.
Many cannot believe I use it as a regular truck. Fun stuff. :+1:

Here are a few more shots of it out and about:
2015 17 Oct.jpg

Very nice truck,you did an awesome job. Thank you for your service!