1927 Model T No Spark

I have no spark. I do not have coils everyone is talking about. I have the old fashion coil which the distributor leads to and 4 spark plug wires. It tries to start on magneto for 2 secs. It use to start. At a total lost. Ready to sell it.

If you could post pictures of your ignition system it would be helpful. From your description, it sounds like you have an aftermarket distributor installed in place of the stock coils and timer. Look at your battery and figure out which terminal is grounded to the frame, positive or negative. Stock Model Ts have negative ground, but a prior owner may have switched it some time in the past.

Once you know whether you have positive or negative ground, turn the key to “ON” and check for battery voltage at the coil terminal connected to the wire coming from the firewall. With the key “ON”, that terminal should have battery voltage. If it doesn’t, troubleshoot the ignition switch or the wiring until you do have voltage.