24 Touring

Howdy…Don Allen here. I frequent the MTFCA forum as well as the forums for 60’s era F100’s and for the 54 Fords.

I’ve been crazy passionate about old cars since my earliest memories and love anything before the smog era. I’m building my 24 Touring as an homage to the Texas cotton farmers among whom I was raised and this car will look like something that a Texas farm family might’ve used to run to town during the Great Depression.

Fortunately, this car almost certainly was used on a Texas cotton farm during that time (I can get into why I believe this to be the case if you’d like), so all I’m doing is cleaning it up, replacing lost pieces and making the mechanicals good enough to go on a tour.

Here are a couple photos. The first was taken in late 2016 when the car was pulled out of a west Texas barn after being placed there in 1969. The second was taken a few months ago in my garage.


Excellent plan! Some T’s look better with the aged look, they have personaliTy.